Modified Atmosphere Packaging 

The Oxy-Low Modified Atmosphere packaging line is designed to package commodities under low oxygen conditions. The system is designed to meet the specific requirements of different commodities. Tobacco, nuts, cocoa, seeds, corn, rice and coffee. 


Gas-tight Oxygen Barrier Liner

The specially designed SMART liner is built out of a multi layer film structure that includes an oxygen barrier. This design provides excellent oxygen barrier properties while ensuring superior strength. All raw materials used for the production of the SMART liner comply with European Directive 2002/72/EEC and Directive FDA CFR117 related to plastic materials that come into contact with food. The SMART liner is 100% recyclable. Modified Atmosphere

Automatic Low Oxygen Packaging Equipment

The Oxy-Low packaging units automatically pack the commodities under low oxygen conditions. Oxy-Low uses nitrogen application to reduce the oxygen inside the packaging thereby minimizing mechanic forces on the product. All units are built to meet the specific requirements of the various commodities and industry standards. All machinery is CE conform. 


Effective Insect Control & Protection Against Infestation

All SMART liners ensure full beetle protection of the packed product during storage and transport. It is the alternative to traditional (toxic) fumigations, cold storage and freezing treatments. The low oxygen conditions inside the packaging supports insect mortality while the hermetic sealing protects the product from insect infestation. Modified Atmosphere

Quality Preservation

The Oxy-Low packaging system helps to preserve the freshness of your commodities by protecting it against external influences such as discoloration, rancidity, mass & weight loss, loss in flavours and aromas. The low oxygen packaging enables to extend the shelf life of various products.

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