Low Oxygen packaging of seeds, pulses and grains. 

High-end (agricultural) seeds, grains or pulses are subject to conditions causing quality degradation during storage and transport. Losses in seed germination, insect infestation and development of aerobic mould growth can be significantly reduced by packaging the product in the Oxy-Low SMART liner. The complete Oxy-Low packaging system, including packaging equipment and complementary SMART liners, are suitable for various products and packaging specifications. From big bags to small consumer bags. Insect control, protection and quality preservation of seeds, pulses and grains.


Quality preservation and extended shelf life packaging shelf

Our low oxygen packaging solution protects the quality of seeds, pulses and grains during transport and storage. The packaging helps to improves the germination rate (compared to traditional systems) and enables to maintain full germination potential of the product. The low oxygen conditions inside inhibit the generation of moulds and their mycotoxin byproducts. Additionally, the packaging supports an extended shelf life and thereby contributes in reducing product spoilage end returns.


Protection against insect infestation protection against insects

The Oxy-Low system for seeds is the alternative to chemical warehouse fumigation and protects the product against insect (re-)infestation. The low oxygen conditions inside the packaging support insect mortality whilst the hermetic sealing protects the commodities from insect (re-)infestation. The need to fumigate a shipping container or warehouse is no longer necessary. Expensive cold storage can also be eliminated.

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