Controlled Atmosphere

Controlled Atmosphere is an agricultural treatment method for insect control. The gas-tight chambers create an environment in which oxygen and nitrogen concentrations, as well as temperature and humidity are controlled. The treatment can be applied to various products. It is a non-toxic and safe alternative to Phosphine fumigations.


Safe & Environmental Friendly insect

Controlled Atmosphere is a non-toxic insect treatment solution as the alternative to toxic fumigation. The low oxygen treatments fit well within the Carbon Footprint. The new heat generation system and highly efficient nitrogen allocation make the SMART CA chamber(s) the environmental friendly treatment on the market. 



Safe for Workersectivxic insect

The treatments in Controlled Atmosphere are safe for workers as no toxic gasses or liquids are used. To ensure safety on during operations, the chambers are equiped with multiple safety  mechanisms. 



From Eggs to AdultEffective non-toxic insect

The treatment controls for all insect stages – from eggs to adults. Controlled Atmosphere is the solution for beetle resistance against Phosphine. The treatment leaves no residues on your product. It ensures no change in the quality, taste and colour of the treated product.

Short Treatment Environmental friendly 

The Oxy-Low CA Chambers have the shortest treatment time in the market. Apart from shortening your customer lead time, it also results in an investment in fewer CA chambers.

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