Oxy-Low provides a total tailor made solution to control for insects in tobacco, nuts, cocoa, spices and other (food) commodities. The gastight and environmental controlled SMART CA chambers expose the infested commodities to low oxygen conditions (Controlled Atmosphere Treatment) without the usage of toxic chemicals. This non-toxic fumigation is an effective, environmental friendly and safe solution that controls for all insect stages and ensures no change in quality, taste or color of the treated commodities.gas-tight, environmental, insects, friendly, controlled atmosphere  chambers

Our SMART CA chambers are equipped with a Dynamic Energy Control (DEC®) system that allows for additional energy savings up to 70% compared to the CA chambers that run on an electrical heating system. heating.

Key Benefits SMART CA chambers:

  • Non-toxic fumigation. Non-toxic fumigation. Non-toxic fumigation. Non-toxic fumigation 
  • Control of all insect stages, from eggs to adult. control insects. control insects. control 
  • No change in quality, taste or color of the treated commodity. quality quality taste
  • Environmental and safe solution. safe solution. safe solution. safe solution. 
  • Less energy consumption: energy savings up to 70%. energy consumption. energy. 
  • Over 20 years of expertise in the field of controlled atmosphere. expertise. expertise. 

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