The Oxy-Low Packaging solutions provide an effective opportunity to protect the packed commodities against quality decay and insect infestation. While saving costs. The complete system includes the packaging equipment and complementary SMART liners. It is suitable for a wide range of products and packaging specifications.


Quality Preservation

.quality preservation. insects. mass loss. 

      Minimizes mass & weight loss

      Helps to preserve colour, flavours and aromas.

      Prevents fat oxidation (rancidity)

      Slows down aerobic mould growth 

 .    Protection against water damage during transport. protect. product. against. water. 


Effective Protection Against Insect (Re) Infestation:

      Effective non-toxic insect control for all insect stages be

      Protection against insect (re) infestation.

     No use of chemicals: environmental friendly fumigation



Costs Savings

.cost. savings. cost savings. cost. savings. 

      Increases product yield discolor. and. discoloration.

      Reduces spoilage and returnsshelf. life. extended. shelf life. better. quality. 

      Enhances production efficiency and distribution doneshelf.

      Alternative to freezing treatments and warehouse fumigations 

      Quick delivery to the market. to the market. to the market


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