Benefits. the oxylow chambers. improve. system. 

The SMART CA Chamber with Dynamic Energy Control is a non-toxic beetle control treatment. It saves on energy cost and has a higher performance efficiency. This ultimately leads to lower treatment costs per kg of the treated product compared to systems that run on electrical heating. l


Low Oxygen Conditions Benefits

     Environment friendly treatment. based on low oxygen. friendly..

     Fits perfect into Carbon Footprint targets and sustainability

Effective Insect ControlSafe money, easy to install

      Effective non-toxic insect control for all insect stages 

     The solution against insect resistance (PH3). be


Short Treatment Times

     Unlimited size of chambers

     Treatment flexibility

     Uniform temperature and gas distribution

     Optimal heating capacity



Improved (Product) Safety

     Safe for workers  

     No change in quality, taste and colour of the treated product



Save on Running Costs

      Unlimited size of chambers

      Saving on transformer and power station. reduce investment cost. 

 .   Highly efficient nitrogen.

     Innovative heat generation system

 .   Energy savings up to 70%. al. we can build them any size you want. 

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