About Us

Oxy-Low B.V. is a young and dynamic company, managed by Dutch entrepreneurs, with a strong background and proven track record in Modified Atmosphere applications and products. Oxy-low is active around the world and your partner in the SMART concept of protective packaging and treatment of tobacco products and post-harvest (food) commodities.


Our mission is to supply high quality packaging solutions, based on Modified Atmosphere. We also have an extensive knowledge to customize the implementation of our products and technologies in existing logistical processes. Oxy-low aims to improve the quality and safety of (food)commodities and related products and achieves this by developing and marketing post-harvest quality and insect protection applications such as the SMART liner packaging systems and SMART CA-treatment chambers.

Oxy-low offers customers and industry the following:

      Customized service solutions for quality preservation of tobacco products and commodities

      Controlled Atmosphere treatment installations for non-toxic insect control

      Optimizing handling and storage logistics for relief operations

      Training and technical backup for the SMART concepts

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