Keep your commodities fresh

Non-Toxic Treatments

SMART CA Chambers

The non-toxic, environmental friendly low oxygen treatment to control for insects.

What is new?

The new system for more energy savings, unlimited chamber size and optimal heating capacity.

Benefits SMART CA Chambers

The effective insect treatment with a higher performance and reduced energy costs.

SMART Packaging

The low oxygen packaging to protect your commodities against quality decay and insect infestation.

What is it?

The SMART Packaging is designed to meet the specific requirements of different commodities.

Benefits SMART Packaging

Keep your product fresh. Minimize mass loss and discoloration. Preserve freshness. Prevent insect infestation.

SMART Packaging and SMART CA Chambers

Oxy-Low offers a cost-effective and total packaging solution – based on Modified Atmosphere. The complete system is designed to package commodities under low oxygen conditions. It retains product freshness and minimizes mass & weight loss and discoloration. The low oxygen atmosphere inside the packaging supports insect mortality. The hermetic sealing protects the commodity against insect infestation. As the alternative to toxic fumigation, Oxy-Low offers the SMART CA Chambers. This non-toxic and environmental friendly treatment controls for all insect stages. All chambers are equipped with our Dynamic Energy Control system. Allowing for additional energy savings, unlimited chamber sizes and optimal heating capacity.

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